Credit card fraud and the news of hackers attacking the credit card details are not things unknown to you. It is always good for you to understand what you are dealing with and tackle the same. When it comes to credit card fraud, you should be handling these things so that you can prevent yourself from being a prey to such kind of the attacks. BIN checker can be a great tool for this for online stores.

Replace Credit Card

It is necessary for you to replace the credit cards if they are compromised. There are certain banks who does this proactively when they find an attempt to breach so that the customers can rely on them and stay safe on the transactions that they do with the debit card. You need not have to wait for the bank to take action but rather you should initiate the call and handle the issue before it actually turns into an issue.

Check Register of Bank Account & Credit Card Activity

It is always good for you to see whether the things are going on fine or not. You can check the register with the bank and also can track the transactions that are there online to see whether there are any such things that you are not aware of. It is always good that you have a track and do not wait for the print statement to come as mail. There are ways to do that with your mobile app or you can just login through the bank website.

Be Aware of Phishing Attempts

If the hackers are unable break into your account, they may try to phish you by making you provide them with some details they need so that they can easily use the same to hack into your account. Many of you may really may turn to victims of such phishing attacks and can compromise all the details that they are looking for to hack into your account. Any kind of phishing attempts should be handled with care so that you need not have to worry about the same.

Credit Report Should be in Security Freeze

It is necessary for you to shut off access to credit history to the new lenders. This is important so that even when the hacker tries to apply for a loan with your name, creditors will not approve that as credit file cannot be viewed.

Get 18 Credit Reports Every Year

It is good for you to get about 18 free credit reports in one year for you to monitor them regularly and track in case of any new fraudulent accounts. You can even have a credit report for free from each bureau after the fraud alert is filed for 90 days which should be done in every 90 days if you are becoming a victim for data breach or any home depot.

Changing Passwords Regularly

It is advised to change the passwords regularly so that there are less chances for the hackers to break into your account by figuring out the password.


Server security is really the primary concern when it is about setting up an infrastructure. If you are not giving much importance to security then all the effort and the money that you invest in it can really go in vein.

Your server has got all the confidential data that you own. Data is important for any enterprise and the loss or theft of it can be really very disastrous. It is always good for you to implement good server security measures so that the server can be kept secure.

Security is key issue and making use of good security measures can only make things happen smooth. Confidentiality of the data is a major concern. If your server is hacked then the amount of damage that it can cause can be unpredictable. The hackers have become very sophisticated and come with very powerful scripts that can destroy the whole server.

If your server is accessed by an unauthorized person and misuse your data then it can even make you go through the worst kind of situations that are hard for you to deal with. You can make use of an expert company to implement security measures at server level so that the server security can be ensured.


smtp server

There are numerous online business to try and starting your own mail server is one of them. We can see many entrepreneurs trying to build their own SMTP server. How much does it cost to build your own Server? What is the purpose of building one, when there are many options to provide email address for your clients? This article is about the SMTP server and why you should plan accordingly before investing your money.

What is SMTP server?

You can send email through a software called as an email client. In a client, there would be two important functions one is to push the emails to the server and other could be, pull the emails from the server. For pushing your emails, we need a server or client which uses protocol functions which is called as simple mail transfer protocol or just SMTP. You would have a server name separated by dots to connect with SMTP server and to receive the emails you must provide POP3 server. Now I hope you can understand the difference between POP3 and SMTP server.

Check on your competitors

In any business, before investing money identify who would be your competitors and what returns can you get when you target your customers.  There are already big players in the market like Google, Outlook and Facebook. They have already invested billions to provide service to the internet users. So, competing with them would be a tough task and may not be that easy. For marketing your server, you must hire SEO professionals who must have strong skills to promote your services online and bring more traffic.

Maintenance Costs

You must understand starting a server is not an easy task. It requires 24/7 maintenance and you must keep working hard until you succeed. You must hire at least 5 to 10 people to maintain the server. Identify your investment and cost involved to promote your website online. There should be possible returns year after year and you must feel satisfied to run this business. No income means you  might go bankrupt soon.

Target Buyers

Identify the crowd with whom you want to sell this service. There are many potential buyers who want a private Mail server. If you can get the best clients, then you can make money month after month but you must keep your clients happy providing quality service.

Upgrading your Software

Recently we heard many people using Microsoft server 2003 which is very outdated. It’s time to upgrade your mail server, because it can be easily hacked and there are lot of security issues with it. Lots of new customer prefer using the newest software available in the market and they don’t want old stuffs for higher costs. http://spammer.ro can help you with that.

Spam mails

If you start your own email server and you must be careful with the spam. When you send email to somebody, it might be stored in the spam folder and you may not get any response from the other party.

What you can do then?

Work as an associate/Affiliate for the big players. You can help Google Apps and Outlook for business. You can earn commission as part time from the big players and its recurring income also. Zoho also provides email server facilities to its customers, why not be an affiliate or provide those services to the people who wants them. So, starting your own mail server may not be possible and it’s a big NO.