Credit card fraud and the news of hackers attacking the credit card details are not things unknown to you. It is always good for you to understand what you are dealing with and tackle the same. When it comes to credit card fraud, you should be handling these things so that you can prevent yourself from being a prey to such kind of the attacks. BIN checker can be a great tool for this for online stores.

Replace Credit Card

It is necessary for you to replace the credit cards if they are compromised. There are certain banks who does this proactively when they find an attempt to breach so that the customers can rely on them and stay safe on the transactions that they do with the debit card. You need not have to wait for the bank to take action but rather you should initiate the call and handle the issue before it actually turns into an issue.

Check Register of Bank Account & Credit Card Activity

It is always good for you to see whether the things are going on fine or not. You can check the register with the bank and also can track the transactions that are there online to see whether there are any such things that you are not aware of. It is always good that you have a track and do not wait for the print statement to come as mail. There are ways to do that with your mobile app or you can just login through the bank website.

Be Aware of Phishing Attempts

If the hackers are unable break into your account, they may try to phish you by making you provide them with some details they need so that they can easily use the same to hack into your account. Many of you may really may turn to victims of such phishing attacks and can compromise all the details that they are looking for to hack into your account. Any kind of phishing attempts should be handled with care so that you need not have to worry about the same.

Credit Report Should be in Security Freeze

It is necessary for you to shut off access to credit history to the new lenders. This is important so that even when the hacker tries to apply for a loan with your name, creditors will not approve that as credit file cannot be viewed.

Get 18 Credit Reports Every Year

It is good for you to get about 18 free credit reports in one year for you to monitor them regularly and track in case of any new fraudulent accounts. You can even have a credit report for free from each bureau after the fraud alert is filed for 90 days which should be done in every 90 days if you are becoming a victim for data breach or any home depot.

Changing Passwords Regularly

It is advised to change the passwords regularly so that there are less chances for the hackers to break into your account by figuring out the password.